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corlin3 12-15-2009 11:10 PM

A proposed collaboration project In C
A proposed collaboration project “In C”

Jim & all the others reading this.

I have an idea. It starts with a bit of history, 30 years ago I heard a piece of music that changed my life. “In C” by Terry Riley. Then the other night I ran into it again. This time updated and remixed, (links at the end).

This brought me back to why I got into generative music in the first place, and why I compose mostly using Numerology. I thought if I was asked to remix my own version of “In C” how would I go about it. Well of course I would start but rereading the original score, and then implement it into a Numerology session. I believe Numerology would be a great fit for this, for it would then lead to the kind of ensemble improvising that is at the heart of Terry’s great work.

So here is the idea. I would love to share this project with others. I plan to set up a Master Numerology Session that implements the basic score of all 53 melodic patterns, and octave harmonies and whatever else we can think of. Others will be encouraged to download for free work on and change, and upload back to the group. We can do a lot with Numerology. Lets create our own remix of this work!

As much as I love creating new work, I find greater joy while working within constraints, not limitations, but thoughtful boundaries. It concentrates the mind, opens the ears, and allows me to hear what is not there. The “In C” score is one of the broadest constraints a written piece of music might have and yet the interpretations are endless.

Is anyone else out there willing to work on this? I also think this whole project could be a great introduction to people looking to get deep into Numerology. We could notate like crazy, documenting the changes, pointing out why as much as how. I see this as a great experiment in collaborating the Numerology experience.

If you know this work please listen to the new interpretations, they are inspired.

For those of you not familiar with this work, look and listen anyway, It won’t bite!

Lets talk about this. All ideas welcome.


Terry Riley’s original score

Wikipedia page on In C

Wikipedia page on Terry Riley

The WNYC podcast about In C

The new work from Grand Valley State

Thank you.

theau 12-16-2009 05:16 PM

great idea

I'm in !

corlin3 12-16-2009 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by theau (Post 2764)
great idea

I'm in !

I am working on the first draft. might be a few days.
Now there is a few ways one could do this, and I do not which one will work the best.

1.) a stack for each of the 53 melodic sections ?
but 53 stacks seams a bit out of control.

2.) many stacks one for each instrumentation, with a mono note programed to all 53 melodic sections in sequence, with control over how it repeats in the mixer?

3.) lots of other ways I have not yet thought of.

of course this is what makes it fun !!

amsonx 12-17-2009 02:55 AM

Really great :)
+ 1

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