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jue 07-26-2010 03:35 PM

MonoNote reset Evolve
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Evolve is a powerful feature but sometimes it could be nice to start again.
Here is one solution:
Set up your notes in the IntervalSeq and start the project. Now you will hear repeating tone because your notes are not transfered to the MonoNote. You must do this by pressing start at the ModulationSeq.
Now your notes are set and you can hear them now use the Evolve X several times to evolve your notes.
If you want to start again press start at the ModulationSeq and the old notes are transfered to the MonoNote again.
This should be seen as an example how it works so the gate and velocity are always the same but you can set up this also.

The second example shows how to reset automatically every 8 whole beats.


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