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sashbash 06-10-2019 12:02 PM

Program Change
Is it possible to output Program Change messages via the MIDI channels on the Vector?

If not is this something that might be implemented?


I’ve seen this has been mentioned in the Features Request thread. So I’ll just add that I’d love to see this implemented if possible.

blackdoors 06-20-2019 05:21 AM

I'd like this to be implemented as well (preferably I'd like for parts to have the option to receive programme changes to select presets too).

exper 06-30-2019 01:45 PM

Just ordered a Vector, but I'll cast a vote for this as well. I use an Elektron Digitone with my eurorack, and since it doesn't have song mode, it would be nice to switch patterns from the vector with midi PC messages.

SolarRainUK 07-12-2019 05:20 PM

PC messages with the Digitakt/Digitone boxes would be really cool! I have a Digitakt and look forward to hopefully being able to use the Vector for sequencing pattern changes one day. If it works as well as it should, I may end up getting a Digitone also.

jim 07-14-2019 10:40 PM

I'm getting the message... big bump for the priority on this one...


Escapegoat 09-27-2019 04:55 AM

Program change per step would be very useful for doing interesting stuff with synths that have patch memory, basically allowing you to use one synth for various different things at different points in the same track.

SolarRainUK 12-10-2019 01:17 PM

So we got Program Change IN, but what about Program Change Out? Is it still an upcoming feature?

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