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slyfrank 08-04-2015 05:50 PM

Silent Way & polyphony issue
Hi - I have no problem using Silent Way monophonically in Numerology (Num4Pro). But I have been trying to set it up with Polynote to sequence paraphonically in my modular. In the Silent Way manual it explains how to use a Master instance of the Voice Controller (VC) and an instance for every voice required as slave VCs.

Here's the problem right off the bat: If I use the Synth/Instrument version of VC in Numerology, I get hardware assignable outs to the appropriate ADAT ports on my MOTU Traveller (I'm using an ES-3) when it shows up in the Numerology stack. This is good as I need to output the pitch and gate for each voice to the modular. But what is missing is the audio routing options between the VCs (which is necessary for Master to Slave routing).

If I load the Effect versions of the VCs I get the audio routing options to and from all the VCs, but I lose the hardware assignable outs to the MOTU Traveller.

Is there any way to accomplish this or is this a bridge too far...?

Thanks for any ideas or advice!

Edited to add that maybe by using my DAW (DP8) to host the Silent Way voice controllers to handle polyphony (I've set that up before, but with a MIDI keyboard, not Numerology) this could work possibly. Then the question becomes how best to integrate Numerology into this stew. Rewired to DP8 (not sure about the MIDI routing into DP8)? As a plug-in?

jim 08-04-2015 06:06 PM

Use the FX version of SW VC. To get the audio output assignments, use the Audio Out module (in the "Input / Output" modules folder).


slyfrank 08-04-2015 06:08 PM

Ah, cool! Thanks Jim!

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