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dylan 02-10-2016 10:04 PM

Sending MIDI from N4 to Logic X

have had a read around but canít resolve this seemingly simple problem. i think this may be more logic related than numerology.

setup: rewired n4.1 as the slave to logic 10.2.1.

for this test set up i have 2 stacks with an instance of monoNote on each. Each monoNote instance is sending midi out to its own IAC bus.

2 instrument tracks, each with their midi channel set to the respective IAC bus (is this correct process?). But the track only plays the midi when it is selected(highlighted), and it plays the midi from both monoNote instances rather than one.

am i missing something, how do you all assign a specific IAC bus to a track?
within the environment window (clicks and ports layer), it shows the one keyboard playing all incoming midi. (if that info helps)

iím hoping to get this going rather than multiple N4 AU instances as a midi effect as i would like to keep n4 as the Ďmain brainí of all signals.

using a synth inside numerology and just sending audio is a great/preferred option also but there are cases where i would like this to work (ultrabeat with separate outs for each sample).

thanks in advance for any suggestions.


jim 02-10-2016 10:38 PM

This is a Logic thing -- As you noted, it always wants to route all MIDI input to the currently selected track. To modify that behavior, use the "Mixer" layer in the Environment. Add a "Physical Input" object (via the 'New' menu) and then you can route specific IAC busses to specific tracks. The UI is a bit wonky -- the physical input connectors are pretty small, and it isn't immediately obvious that you can drag those over to tracks, but it does work...


dylan 02-10-2016 11:30 PM

cheers Jim, worked like a charm!

i was trying to setup a midi instrument in the mixer layer and hook that in but your direction was spot on.

terrible UI! completely unacceptable i think it's gotten worse since 9 actually. i need to do some reading up on the environment stuff now i'm doing most of my composition outside of logic.

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