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baltimoroder 02-09-2011 03:55 PM

MachineDrum-style "Mute Groups"
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If you've ever used an Elektron MachineDrum, you may have noticed the "function + mute" feature (I call it "Mute Groups"; the manual doesn't have a name for it.) It's a fun, subtle performance-oriented feature that I fell in love with when using the MD that I missed in Numerology so I decided to re-create it.

It works like this... On the MachineDrum itself, there is a mute page where individual drum channels can be muted/unmuted using 16 buttons. Normally, they behave like any other mute button would UNLESS you are holding down the "function" key; in that case, changes to the mute status (on or off) ARE HELD UNTIL THE FUNCTION KEY IS RELEASED (technically-speaking,... the function key changes the behavior of the mute controller from a toggle to a delayed flip-flop.)

This means you can setup a something like, "mute tracks 1-4, unmute tracks 5-8" and then have all of those changes occur at the instant you release the function key. I think it sounds more deliberate than muting tracks one at a time and allows you to do wholesale changes without worrying too much about your timing/dexterity or relying on presets.

In this stack I have a Drum Kit, DrumSeq, and a ButtonBox plus multiple CV processors. I believe I've fully recreated the MD functionality (if you want 16 drum channels, import this stack twice.) To use, map a MIDI controller to the MIDI-to-CV module. Drop in some drum sounds. Add some gates to the Drum Seq. And hit play. The ButtonBox controls the mutes and the MIDI-to-CV module (I'm using a simple usb keyboard) generates a gate equivalent to the "function" key.

You could easily map the buttons to an external controller and/or generate the required gate signal with a foot pedal/keyboard module/other seq to eliminate mouse clicks. If you use a sequencer, you can effectively "quantize" mute changes to whatever clock division you want.

Further out, I'd love to see this capability native to Numerology ('Shift' key? Button on Launchpad?.) Not just for mutes but for anything and everything really. Queueing up AD-HOC changes to a sequence and having them initiate at the same time is powerfully fun stuff. Imagine making changes while your sequence is playing; you change a few pitches, a few gates, skip a step, bring the tempo down, wait a little bit, release LP button/footswitch/shift key and BAM!... it all drops in on the downbeat. :D

(*Actually, the Sequencer modules _sort_of_ behave like this now... If you move the Start or EndStep with the mouse, the change is not done until you release the mouse button. If you haven't noticed, this means when you drag a running 32-step sequence down to 2, you don't get the "bouncing ball" effect.)

At any rate, enjoy.

TwoToneshuzz 02-09-2011 09:11 PM

Whoa nice!
Great job! I've had some thoughts about the drum sequencer muting of tracks, as well. Check my posts. Also have thought about doing scene control in this thread;

Which sounds a little like your trying to do in your second example.

Back to the Drumseq. I'll have to look at what you've set-up

What I like about using the Launchpad combined with a funtionallity as you described above is that you flesh out the hooks you have into the interface deepening the musicality of the tool and increasing the fun factor!!

I just took delivery of teh NI Maschine as well. It's great too, so I think Numerology can extend that setup very nicely. What got me going on the Maschine was the aftertouch on the pads, the visual feedback on the pads, and sound library etc. It works fine as a plug in Numerology although I have a pretty heavy CPU load on my 2.4 Ghz imac. But on the other hand I can offload my CPU heavy synth sequences to Maschines sampler.

Thanks again for the set-up and info.

jim 02-12-2011 09:59 AM

Definitely some interesting ideas here -- I'll be thinking about them as I add some tweaks to the Launchpad mapping for 3.1...


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