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TwoToneshuzz 06-22-2013 05:16 AM

I'm firing up my Numeroogy Pro setup, and although I've used the program for a long time and have tried all kinds of ways to reach musical goals, sometimes I dig up techniques that someone new to the program probably just get from the start.

I'm thinking here about making a realtime comp from four different sequencers..

It makes great sense to get variation just by hopping from one sequencers output to another using a midiswitch, which if you didn't know this module allows you to switch quickly from up to four different sequencers..

This works smoothy and allows you to think in phrases or types of melodic movements for phrases..

Sequence nr 1 might have the main melodic theme, nr 2 could have some fast and wide range skales or trills used as a filler then nr 3 might have some repeated notes, nr 4 an arpeggio, then you just hop around using the midi switch to create an incredible diversity in your midi output and this is extremely quick to setup.

One thing though to get the most out of this technique is to use the midi switch in "Sequenced" mode the little parameter drop down menu that appears in this mode on the panel should be set from 1-4. Then use a Velocity sequencer with an output of 1-4 and patch it's velocity out into the midi sequencers CV program in, set the velocity sequencers clock value to something that makes sense like 4xW and now you can program your switch to move precisely as you want to timewise...

This is so easy and fun to work with, and is another approach to getting variation in a controlled way into your arrangements..



TwoToneshuzz 06-22-2013 05:28 AM

Here's a track I used where one of the voices uses the above technique, The Cello part, and Viiolin Glissandos.

The two instances of Alchemy get their midi input from two Midi Switches, this way I still only use one Velocity sequencer to choose which midi output is being played. The midi going to Alchemy one gets its input from Switch one but the Switch one has only it's first two inputs connected A+
B, Switch two feeding into Alchemy two only has it's last two inputs connected C+D.

This way my variations get an extra layer of variety as I found the Cello sound too monotonous in the long run I added the Violin glissandos to add a little more color to the palette. This of course is then trimmed and tweaked using the Velocity sequencer so the glissandos only come in occasionally..

eenixon 06-22-2013 08:43 AM

MIDISwitch May be the Answer
Great tip and a _very_ sophisticated example of its use. Thanks very much. Getting from just sequencing to... _sequencing_ (with controlled variation) is a major step for me in using N to the max.


TwoToneshuzz 06-23-2013 03:20 AM


Originally Posted by eenixon (Post 11066)
Great tip and a _very_ sophisticated example of its use. Thanks very much. Getting from just sequencing to... _sequencing_ (with controlled variation) is a major step for me in using N to the max.


After about 3 months of using Numerology I felt I needed to find ways to break out of the straight jacket of looping phrases ad infinitum.. So these types of workflows have been one of my main areas of focus with the program... My tracks are all made in Numerology exclusively even though I have Apple Logic on my harddisk. I found that the tools available in Numerology are so flexible that I can usually always pull something unique and interesting out of the program. Many or in fact most don't know what to make of my music generated with these techniques but I don't let that worry me abit...Rebel with out a cause type of fellow I am I am..

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