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Default 16 Track Drums & New Drum Map...

So I'm working on bumping the DrumSeq up to 16 tracks, which also means adding more default note mappings. I'm taking the opportunity to revise the default drum mapping -- and to make a prototype of the SampleKit pre-mapped to 16 drum parts.

Here's what I've got so far:

1: Bass Drum
2: Snare Drum
3: Open Hat
4: Closed Hat

5: Low Tom
6: Mid Tom
7: High Tom
8: Hand Clap

9: Ride Cymbal
10: Crash1
11: Crash2
12: Rimshot / Sidestick

13: Log Conga
14: High Conga
15: Low Timbale
16: High Timbale

-- Note that I've grouped things into 4, to match the Launchpad/Push mapping pages. That's also why I moved the OH/CL pair to the first page, they match well w/ BD/SD, and allow all 3 Toms can be on the same page.

-- Tracks 13-16 are really just placeholders, most kits will use other sounds.

-- Of course, you can always make your own custom maps, save the module presets, and use those as your 'prototype' modules...

... But, I am (as always) interested in hearing your comments -- perhaps there are better options for the last 4 sounds, etc.

For reference, here's a couple links showing the GeneralMIDI drum mapping: (scroll down about halfway -- this one shows the notes relative to a keyboard).

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