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I've been using a pair of 8-part DrumSeqs for a while, and a nice aspect of this approach is that I can treat the individual DrumSeqs as 2 'groups'. I.e. I can mute one of the sequencers, thus muting that group. Consequently, I voiced each DrumSeq as alternative 8-part kits (with some variation), like :

1. Kick 1
2. Snare 1
3. Snare 2
4. Rim/Side

5. CH 1
6. OH 1
7. Shaker 1
8. Ride Cymbal

9. Kick 2
10. Snare 3
11. Snare 4
12. Clap

13. CH 2
14. OH 2
15. Shaker 2
16. Crash Cymbal

Will there be any form of group muting in the new 16 drum seq ? Groups of 4 or of 8. Though I guess this is not an issue for people with a Launchpad, as that makes it easy to stab 4 or 8 buttons at once.

I use a number of different kits, but I try to always place sounds that occupy similar parts of the spectrum, so in an Indian kit, the low Tabla would replace the Kicks, various higher tabla sounds would replace snares, bells replacing cymbals, etc.

The GM-like kit you originally listed seems to attempt to cover as many bases as it can, within a generally 'rock' genre, with a nod to latin in the form of congas. Roland's (16-part) TR505 had a very similar kit, I think it had 3 congas, but very similar.

Rather than voicing a kit in terms of specific drums, I think voicing it by the spectral content may be more effective, especially when translating to alternative kits.
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