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Interesting -- I am glad you appreciate the benefits of using 2 DrumSeqs! -- though I also understand and want to support the need to work w/ 16 tracks at once. ... and there are some interesting 16-track drum things coming this way soon...

The new build w/ the new mapping is up now (

Just so everyone knows, here is how you can make your own module prototypes:

- Setup the DrumSeq, SampleKit (or *any* module) the way you like.
- Click the 'floppy disk' icon to bring up the presets for that module in the Browser.
- Drag the floppy icon to the Browser to save a preset, give it a good name.

Now you can create new modules with that preset file, just like w/ the built-in ones, by dragging it in from the 'User Modules' area. All the user module files are stored in
And are grouped by module type.

But you can also create your own directories there and re-org modules the way you like. Prefix your custom directories with an underscore and they will be sorted to the top. You can also put a 'sort.txt' file in each directory to determine how the contents are sorted. The sort.txt file is just a list of the modules by name. Here is the one for the Factory NoteSequencer dir:


... No special notation or anything.

BTW: The Factory modules are stored in
~/Music/Five12/Application Support/Numerology/Modules

They are just module preset files, like everything else, so you can copy them to the user Modules area to use as a basis for your own module library.

You could even put your module preset files in there, HOWEVER, that directory will be overwritten each time I ship a version of Numerology w/ an update module library, so I recommend you don't do that!

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