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Guess what ?!

Yesterday i took the plunge and bought Eloquence.
Cause they were heavily promoting the fact that it's AU could output MIDI.(via IAC bus).

Well, it can indeed (with rocksolid timing) BUT : only if you cable the IAC bus DIRECTLY to an software instrument track.

But what i really wanted is to RECORD the generated midi from eloquence.
So i thought : let's cable the IAC bus to the sequencer input object in logic.
And then , when in play , indeed i could record the midi but timing is WAY OFF !
(and i checked if i had an midi feedbackloop in logic but NO, wasn't the case)

So this is awfully disappointing for me !

I later tried it in Live 8 and (offcourse !) worked like a charm cause Live can directly output it's VST midi output to an midi input , with rock solid timing , so recording Eloquence's output was a breeze in live !

Side note : Eloquence is a pretty neat plugin in it's capabilities but i think Numerology has far better user interface and WAY MORE possibilities.

So bottom line for me : if Numerology as an audio unit can output it's midi with rock solid timing to the sequencer input with Logic , then i will sing Hallelujaah !!!

(the screenshot looks promising indeed , can't wait jim !!!)

Kind regards,

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