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Hi Jim,

Sorry for being abit vague in my previous post.

This is more detailed :

I get a NEGATIVE delay of the generated midi notes from Eloquence of about 150 ms.
So for example : i put on Logic's metronome and then hit play and listen to the generated midi data from Eloquence that is arriving at logic's input object.(and going to another software instrument, just to hear it)

Then i hear that the midi data is running about 150 ms AHEAD of the metronome.

That is problem 1.
Problem 2 is that the generated midi data from eloquence has an amount of jitter : i can hear the timing isn't tight at all.

I got a response from Sugarbytes about this problem , they did test it and experienced the same results.
They said that the problem lies in Logic , not cooping well with midi data coming from the IAC bus.

So there is nothing they can do about this problem ; it is in Apple hands (so THEY said).

Now you stated that the AU version of Numerology will use a virtual midi out port (not being neccesarily the IAC bus) ?

Very anxious to hear if your solution is gonna work better in Logic !
I so very hope so ; for me it will be like i am in heaven when it works tight !

Kind regards,

Rob van Hees
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