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I am not fond of being negative on forums or anywhere but I must say that I had a terrible experience with Sugarbytes Consequence. I was very excited about it when it was announced and all the PR led one to believe that it had some serious midi out capabilities. I bought it on day one and the midi out didn't work at all. The KVR message boards exploded, I emailed them (as I'm sure many people did) and honestly they seemed kind of frustrated at the users. Then they released an update which somehow enabled midi in a very rudimentary manner (as in all 4 voices generated by the plugin were funneled to one single channel) and didn't even announce the update nor change the version number. I thought consequence was very promising but very limited in its initial release and I was expecting a few updates to it which would allow for better midi and also the ability for one to add their own sounds to its banks instead of being stuck with its default sound bank. A year later and the plugin sits right at version 1.0 as it did the day it was released. I realize that I am at fault for purchasing the plugin day one and really regret it... I got hyped about it, it looked really cool and I thought I'd be buying into a product that was going to mature.

Point being.... it's a competitive market out there and Sugarbytes lost at least one customer. I understand why Jim is putting the time in to stay competitive and develop the plugin functionality. He already has many loyal customers who appreciate his fantastic communication. I would love to see the Pro version sooner but I fully understand the necessity to come up with solutions to these plugin problems now because as the Numerology user base expands the demand for a simple plugin mononote step sequencer will not go away... and what a bargain that is when it is cheaper than Eloquence and comes with Numerology 2 as well!
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