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Hi mate,

I have the same negative experience with SB Eloquence.
Bought it right at day 1 (last sunday) and now i am disappointed.
Their promotion about the workaround for getting midi data into logic was misleading imho.

Cause they have ignored the fact that people (like me) also want the capability to RECORD the midi data into logic without a hassle.
Or is this too much too ask for ? i think not !

Nowhere in the manual (which is very basic and short) you can read about the ability to record the midi data and how to do it and if it works.
Offcourse in ableton Live this goes without a hassle (my own experience) and i assume Cubase is the right partner for that too.
But even for these apps there is no explanation on how to record the midi data from eloquence.

I hope Jim wil crush Eloquence and Consequence with his pro version !
(and as a matter a fact : i do believe he will (or did already haha!)

Kind regards,

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