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Default Controller updates: iPad 2, the Arduinome & Gridfestival

I managed to pick up an iPad 2 (16GB, Black, Wifi) last Friday before they sold out. Just for reference, I arrived at Best Buy at 4:30 (PM), got in line, somewhere around 70 people in front of me. I had a 'ticket' for the model I wanted by around 5:30 and was done with the purchase at about 6:20PM.

Of course, I'll be using it to control Numerology, and will be running some tests to determine what the best way to improve that experience...


Also, I recently found out about Gridfestival (, which is a grid-controller (monome, arduinome, etc.) festival happening in Santa Fe early in May. I plan to go, and signed up to build an arduinome, so I'll also have a new grid controller -- bringing the total to 3: Launchpad, Livid Block, Arduinome. I've been looking for ways to bring some or all of the Launchpad mapping for Numerology to other grid controllers, so this will be a good opportunity to move forward in that direction.

BTW: If you are a monome user, drop me an email or post here. I am looking for some feedback on how to build a Numerology mapping for it. The Block isn't too hard, as it has some 'extra-grid' buttons to handle mode switching, but the monome is quite a challenge, as the mapping needs the whole grid for sequence editing, but I need at least one 'mode-switch' on top of all that...

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