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Originally Posted by jonahs View Post
Have you seen Logic with touchOSC? I use it with my ipod touch and it follows what's happening on screen, so for example if I hit play on the computer with the mouse the play button on the touchosc interface on the ipod lights up.

I'm hoping for some kind of integration like this with the launchpad? I asked about this a little while back, but the logic video explains things better, I think. So, for example if I go to the presets page on the launchpad I can have the ipod show me the stack name and presets names? Seems possible since in Logic any audio unit I load shows up named on the ipod for editing. I don't know how much time it would take though!

Only thing is, I don't know much about touchOSC, as the logic template is not editable and hardwired.
I have seen the Logic mapping, it is pretty nice -- and it does look like there may be some custom tweaks going on there. Certainly there are some tweaks that can be made to the Launchpad mapping so that the UI and the controller follow each other better -- though the real goal is that you rarely need to look at the computer at all...

Originally Posted by jonahs View Post
Personally, I'm not super interested in using touch screens for grid control and can think of lots of alternate methods I'd like to try with Numerology. What might be interesting is a "quantized" x/y control. Say, move your finger along the x-axis and release to select a stack, and then along the y-axis and release to get to the module, x axis to the desired row and releasing enters your note. Tap and hold lets you select gate, groove, etc in note sequencers and drop down lists in other modules. Triple tapping brings you back. The way I imagine it at least it would be a fun, flowing experience for note entry. I dunno, can I build something like this in touchOSC?
Not without some very fancy programming. I can't give a date yet on the new controller stuff, but it is coming relatively soon... It will have both a general-purpose navigation section, and a 'bookmarks' feature that will make it really easy to setup semi-custom layouts.

Originally Posted by jonahs View Post
Also, I do have an ipad coming in the mail, and it seems numerology only supports one OSC connection?
Currently that is the case. I will be doing a rewrite of the OSC transmission/reception code to allow multiple connections as well as fix some other things, and support the plugins properly.

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