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Originally Posted by Adamalthus View Post
Seconding the same question. With the Vector now firmly in production, any mews on V5?

(Apologies for the slow reply, still dealing w/ Jet Lag and travel logistics related to Superbooth....)

Nothing concrete yet on the N5 schedule. I'm still moving parts of the production process on the Vector to other folks. The goal is to have a set weekly schedule where some days are just Vector (test, support, firmware updates, suppliers, dealers, etc), and some are just Numerology (dev, support, etc). I'm not there yet, but steadily getting closer. Once I have a regular schedule then I'll have a much better chance of putting out at least somewhat accurate dev estimates.

One thing I can say is that while some features have to be reserved for N5 proper, there are a number of interesting smaller features (and fixes) that will be coming for N4. In particular, some new generator algorithms....

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