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Originally Posted by ignatius View Post
i'm hopeful that the numerology AU will work in audiomulch sending midi out to other plugs inside audiomulch.
FWIW, the release notes for v2.1.1 of Audiomulch say:
Mac: fixed crash when creating Audio Units that provide MIDI output (e.g. Bidule, Chipsounds, Kore2).
So (a) if you do try, make sure you get the latest version and (b) there's a hint for other AUs that do provide MIDI out. Plogue is definitely a niche player, but NI are just a tad more mainstream.

Originally Posted by jim View Post
If any host supports MIDI out from AUs, I would expect it to be Bidule, and I'll check it pretty soon.
Cool, that would be great, thanks.

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