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Lightbulb Recalling Logic fader values with Numerology presets

I've spent the past week designing a Logic/Numerology interface that allows to recall channel strip values in Logic with Numerology presets (which is otherwise impossible).

The way it works:

Logic fader values are converted into CC and sent to Numerology.
There, I have MIDI to CV converters sending values to ParamMod modules
ParamMod are used to control the Program number of 16 ProgramChange modules.

Whenever I load a preset, the last inputted program changes are sent to Logic and converted into Fader values.

The neat thing is that there is no feedback loop!
It does require an entire stack and a pair of IAC busses for each channel strip, as well as a full array of faders and transformers in Logic. But it works!

So far it works well with your basic channel strip values (which are all set to channel 1), but for controlling plugin parameters, I need to set the MIDI to CV to another channel, which can get messy (hence my request for assigning individual channels to each controller in that module)

I also wish it was possible to send NRPN values instead of program changes upon preset load, for better resolution (Fader values get rounded up when converted to CC).

Anyway, this is what it looks like:

(The best would be to have some sort of morphing between presets, but it seems impossible at the moment.)

I can upload templates if anyone want to give it a shot.
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