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Default Interactive aleatoric loop sequencer

Something I came up with while exploring Numerology's generative sequencing abilities ...

16 step memory loop fed by either random values or LFO output. The first time through, the loop is fully initialized from whatever source is selected by fader 5. The loop can be set to re-initialize every N iterations, with the iterations being set by fader 4 and enabled / disabled by button 2. Additionally, a section of the loop with a step number set by fader 1 and step length set by fader 2 can be set to insert new values from the random LFO. This can be set to happen every N loop iterations via fader 3, and enabled / disabled via button 2. Button 3 causes new random data to be introduced to the loop while selected. Faders 6 and 7 control the speed and waveform of the LFO. Fader 8 scales the range of the cv going into the output NoteGen. Additional comments among the modules provide some information on the implementation.
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