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Originally Posted by Logos Lover View Post
When I record the hardware synths output to an audio track, i'd say that it's late by somewhere in the region of 6 ms. (average from 294 samples to 372 samples late off the grid)

Will the soon to be added to the SE version "Clock Offset" cure this?
I'll be adding something. I don't know if it will be the same clock offset system available in Pro now, or something else. I'm still working it out with the AU.

Originally Posted by Logos Lover View Post
FWIW Using Logic 9, Unitor 8, audio buffer of 32 samples, the worst case scenario midi jitter I've tested was around 1.7 ms!!! Tighter than an Atari/Notator/Unitor 2 set up which I also tested (2.2ms) !! And this was with Logic 9 under HEAVY CPU load. So I know that Logic 9 can be very tight on midi.

Just need Numerology to work as tight with it.
Just to clarify the difference between latency and jitter (which, btw, I'll be adding all this to the new manual):

Latency is the delay in time from when you'd like something to happen (hear the midi note) until when it happens. Reducing audio buffer size reduces latency, etc. The clock offset module in N3 Pro allows one to reduce MIDI latency between one app and another or between an app and a hardware device, etc.

Jitter, when talking about MIDI, is a small, random variation in timing, typically on the order of a single ms or so, and on OS X happens when you try to generate MIDI without proper timestamps.

I'm working now to tightly control both in the AU right now. For the App, Jitter is a non-issue running standalone. Latency I haven't really checked, but will soon. In ReWire mode, jitter is a bit of an issue, but I can reuse the scheduling algorithm from the AU to improve it.

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