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It is a bit tricky w/o the surrounding drone and mellotron bits. Next time I'll try to give more contextual clues…

Anyway, I find it to be a very interesting pattern to study:

- At it's base, it is a C minor 7th chord -- just four notes.
- The tonic and dominant (C & G) have 'octave shifted' versions.
- Only 8 notes total, and most of the time, only 4 or 6 are heard.
- All variation is done via step skips or rate changes. Both that and the 8 note limit are characteristic of the Moog sequencer, but it really is interesting to realize how much variation they get out of what is a very limited set of options.

While playing around with the pattern on the Launchpad, I found that shifting the whole pattern around can be a lot of fun -- esp. if you have a hardware synth with lots of knobs handy for tweaking the sound a bit.

The next thing I want to try is to put the ChordSeq in Arpeggiate mode, and run through a bunch of 7th, 9th, 11th, & 13th chords looking for other interesting options -- then programming the MonoNote to match and see if I can build a bass ostinato that has a similar mood but doesn't sound like a clone…

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