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Default Tempo Modulation

I'd love to be able to use Vector as clock master and play the Tempo within a defined range from Mod1/2 or using part velocity
In typical feature request fashion I've thought of a way-overcomplicated implementation for both INT and EXT sync situations

I imagine a new Globals page for tempo modulation, possibly setup where:

...if sync is INT, we have fields for:
[Source] [TmpLow] [TmpHigh] [Int] [Reset]

[Source] lets you choose the modulation input to use, defaults to OFF but could be Mod1, Mod2, or part velocity 1-8 (Vel1, 2...)
[TmpLow/High] are your min/max BPMs
[Int] is a boolean where ON snaps the BPM to integer values
[Reset] lets you choose which input resets the tempo (Reset or JxTrig 1-8)

...if sync is ext, we have fields for:
[Source] [Mode] [xLow] [xHigh] [Grid] [Reset]

[Source] same
[Mode] lets you pic between '/X' and 'Abs'

[xLow/High] changes based on the Mode setting:
- in '/X' mode = xLow/High are the min/max division and multiple
- in 'Abs' xLow/High represent the BPM range relative to the current tempo
For example a setting of xLow -40 and xHigh 60 with a synced tempo of 120 would let you sweep the tempo from 80 to 180

[Grid] is a boolean, behavior changes based on Mode setting:
- in '/X' mode = ON interpolates modulation in typical stepped div/mults, OFF values sweep linearly (off-grid) with the xLow/High as floor and ceiling
- in 'Abs' mode = ON snaps to integer values

[Reset] same

This is only my first thought (sure there are better ways) and I imagine in some cases unipolar to scaled bipolar values might be squirrely but it seems like it'd be a lot of fun and offer some neat performance control
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