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Originally Posted by jim View Post
As of 3.0.2, sync via MIDI provides the most accurate timing -- i.e. the least jitter between notes, but in both cases, you will see some latency (a delay in MIDI relative to the original source) due to MIDI transmission through the system. In N3 Pro, you can use the ClockOffset module to tweak latency, but as that module is tempo-based, it isn't very convenient to use on a regular basis.

In 3.1 the ReWire driver will have an option to use a more accurate scheduling algorithm (long story...), and there will be a new latency compensation option for the app both in standalone and ReWire modes.

So for now use midi clock sync (which i've set up and have running) but as of 3.1, the ReWire driver will provide tighter sync, jitter, latency etc than midi-clock sync. Is that correct?

Have already sent the message to Apple.... hope they're listening !!
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