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Question N4P as cv hub with Reaktor and/or Reason—Possible? How?

Greetings, new Mac/Live/Logic N4P user, hardly scratched the surface yet…chuffed to dig deep

One reason I bought in was in hopes that N4 could in some way connect to Reaktor and/or Reason via its various cv super-powers. I've got no hardware so no actual experience with or understanding of real-world cv, but I certainly have access to some very powerful virtual, internal cv-gen and cv-processing devices (Reason 10, and Reaktor 6, and now N4P) and can't help but wonder if they can, or could, talk to one another directly via virtual cv, maybe without needing converters, if at all.

Is this possible? Potentially useful? I've looked pretty long and hard for info on cv use totally in-the-box, and it's very hard to find. Searching 'cv' without getting buried in hardware talk is basically impossible, far as I can tell…

Anyone here doing anything like this, or have links to online chat about it? Fingers crossed that maybe THIS is the place…? (Altho I can't even search or tag with "cv" here; too short and too common!)

I've see a bit at MuffWiggler, but it's pretty sketchy…

TIA for any feedback; HNY!
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