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Originally Posted by dpcoffin View Post
Two questions to start:

1. Is it possible to load .nmp files in the MIDI FX version of N4? If so, HOW? Dragging in from the Finder doesn't do anything…
You can’t open Numerology project files in the plugins, but you can import stacks that have been exported from the standalone app. Here is how:

- In Numerology (the app), open any project, select a stack, and pick “Export Stack” from the Stack menu. Give it a name (that will become the filename), add notes if you want, etc., then click OK. The stack will be exported to ~/Music/Five12/Stacks.

- In any of the N4 plugins, check out the tabs in the Browser — where the modules are. The second ‘icon tab’ is for Stacks, click that tab to see all the modules that have been exported. Either drag or double-click a stack to load it into the plugin.

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