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Originally Posted by Lev View Post
Thanks, Jim. I was hoping that it would also advance the sequence - however I still think there is a bug here since the manual also states that in THRU mode, it should be sending the MIDI events out of the part's CV Pitch/Gate events and that is also not happening for me - maybe I misunderstand how it is supposed to work (?).
Yes, it should send pitch/gate/velocity CV for incoming MIDI -- I've been using that function a lot lately. Do you have a way to get me a quick video? iMessage, FB, Dropbox etc...

Originally Posted by Lev View Post
It would be great to have a step mode that also triggers the sound while it advances the sequence, that way I could step through things and use the prev/next buttons to fix mistakes/change things (feature request).
Agreed -- I'll copy this to the Feature Request page so I don't forget....

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