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Originally Posted by TwoToneshuzz View Post
The thing that gives me pause is the breaking in time with these monitors, how can you judge something that needs 100 hours of playing time before it is optimised?
I guess this is why I'd always say you ideally need to use them in your own room, and ideally for at least a couple of mixes.

As with any tool, the demonstration videos, store tests and reviews etc will perhaps help guide you to some extent, but your own practical experience of what a tool is like to work with will always be different. You're buying monitors to mix on, not listen to music on. So you need to mix with them to judge them.

You aren't going to hear the speakers at their best pre burn in. You likewise won't get to know a speaker to anything like full extent in the space of a couple of mixes. But you should have enough info to instinctively know what's best for you.

This is also why I say buy from somewhere with a good returns policy. Some places will let you send something back after say a month and just pay for the shipping. That way you are covered if you have a change of heart as you get to know the speakers more intimately.
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