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Originally Posted by metabeat View Post
1. I can get no rewire midi input from the host -tried ableton live 8, renoise and mu.lab as host. Yes, I checked "Numerology Midi 1" and anything else. It works with physical midi inputs. What did I miss?
There's no MIDI input support in ReWire mode yet, use an IAC buss or one of Numerology's virtual ports. Since this is a relatively rare use case, it has not been high on the todo list.

Originally Posted by metabeat View Post
2. when I use the sampler for speech synthesis in AU mode, I can't find no way to "save the project" - so there is no way for me to synthesize "on the fly" in AU mode?
Yeah, I was just notified of this a couple days ago. As the AU doesn't really have anywhere to write audio files -- which is required for the the speech synth, you have to do it in the app. I have a note to allow the AU to use the Five12 app support directory as a file cache for generating speech samples.

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