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Of course you can!
Use 'midi learn' or 'osc learn' for that (right-click the thing you want to control). I typically learn Faderboxes/ XY Modules, and hook their cv outputs up to ParamMod Modules for the utmost flexibility.

In Numerology's preferences, make sure 'reflect midi cc's' is ticked. If you're using Midi that is….

Osc requires you to set the right port. I believe Lemur only listens to port 8000.
I don't know if that's still the case though…..

I used to have an iPad (until it got stolen). Midi gave me less headaches that OSC, unless the OSC setup was done automatically by the app (Like Touchable for example).
But that might just be my inexperience with this wireless computer stuff going on. It's not tangible enough for me.
Give me a toolbox and i'll build you a universe.
Give me a computer to program stuff with and i'll get this glazed 'WTF' stare on my face…..

That being said, Lemur was amazing to work with! While i'm at it, do check out Konkreet Performer if you haven't already. It's effin' awesome!!!!!
The only problem (like with a lot of stuff out there) is drowning in the sea of the possibilities they offer and not getting anything done.
Structure and discipline is required for that.

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