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Originally Posted by jim View Post
So MIDI Learn for each plugin is going to be a bit different -- some plugins have no support at all, some have elaborate but fixed mappings, others use the relatively common convention of control-click to enter learn mode.

However, in the latest N4 build, there is a new option: You can use the "MIDI / OSC Mappings" dialog to setup your own mappings for each module. Just open the mapping dialog from the menu in the module's header, then use the MIDI or OSC learn buttons as needed. This dialog will work for both internal modules and AU's...

Been looking for it - it must be staring at me but I fail to see it. I'll look better.
I've solved my issue w/ controlling the synths via Lemur. One of those face palm moments... I had interrupted the midi wifi connection in order to come here to browse and therefore no midi signal was coming back to N4


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