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So I guess this is an ok thread for this, and sorry if it has been discussed elsewhere and I didn't find it..
Messing with this lemur launchpad-alike template and told N4 that it was a launchpad, and by golly....

everything works pretty ok! isn't as responsive to touches as i'd like but certainly usable. may be because I have an eisenhower era ipad. one thing is that 4th page that has where you can change key, octave and forward/reverse/random etc... - it works, but it doesn't receive lights as on the actual launchpad - any ideas why this may be and how I can go about poking at the template to get it working?
sure is awesome to have 2 launchpads and the main sequence spanned across both of them!

ooops - I was using an older version of that template I downloaded quite a while back - went and looked and there is a v2 - which is here:
Works generally better overall, dragging across squares works where i had to explicitly press each square on the old one, and that fourth page I was talking about works perfectly now, it is just like the real deal.
This is great!

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