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Originally Posted by PLaine View Post
What I'd like to see on the screen is usually quite limited amount of information but it depends on a project.

At the moment, on stage I use Numerology mainly for controlling my external synths. In first case I use it as set list: a preset will send program changes to my four synths and if needed, it can also send midi sync / click track in preset related tempo. In this case I don't basically need to see anything more than just list of presets and transport buttons and preferably some indication of clock.

Other use (on stage) is to send some sequences so my synth rig and in these projects I might want to see presets and for example also mononote sequence running.

I know it's probably difficult to program all the possible options for users to choose. At the moment I'd really welcome to just have the this: see the presets with bigger fonts, more space to left and maybe with two or more rows (=no need to scroll down to get further) and the most basic controls like transport. Maybe this could be "the LIVE MODE"?

Of course we'd need also to take care of different stacks (which all have own presets). Maybe you could choose a) multiple stack view: stack A,B,C... presets side by side (preset rows representing stacks) or b) single stack view: only one stack's presets are shown (with pages to choose which stack is seen, like it is now). This could use all screen width to have everything there and no need to scroll.

What do think? Is this perhaps possible?
I was just thinking about this, as I'm using Numerology pretty extensive lately, still searching for a good way to set things up, but always run out of 'views'.
One thing I really liked when using Logic, is setting the screenset to my right numeric keyboard.
Literally flew through the program.

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