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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post
What do you mean by deleting my the controller setup ?
You can use the "-" button below the list of controllers to remove the currently selected controller. You can also remove it in the Finder, in ~/Music/Five12/Controller Setups.

Originally Posted by Aramis View Post
This is bringing me to wonder that we can create multiple performance controllers. Right ?
Well, this is currently a bit of a gray area. From the perspective of sequence programming and manipulation, you should only need one. But from the perspective of setting up 'generic' controllers, you should definitely be allowed to setup several. The potential conflicts comes from navigation -- i.e. having two controllers that move from stack to stack (but then we have that now w/ the launchpad), and from controller feedback -- i.e. if you setup LEDs to light up for various record modes on multiple controllers, will the system be smart enough keep them all up to date.

My recommendation for now if you have several controllers is to setup one 'pair' (Keyboard being one, knobs n buttons being the other) as the main Perf Ctlr. Then set the others up as extras, but only mapping them as 'global' controls.

If you have a specific setup in mind that isn't covered by that recommendation, let me know!

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