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My ideal:

- switch to a tabbed tear+dock/float system akin to Adobe CC apps
- make Clock, Stacks, Browser, Presets, Rack, Timeline, and Mixer individual tabs so they can be either grouped or viewed concurrently
- allow individual stacks to be docked/floated (viewed concurrently)
- add hotkey-able Workspaces akin to Adobe CC apps (e.g. window presets)

- implement a "Shy" show/hide system (akin to After Effects) in module headers (position on the right-side, global toggle top-right next to expand/collapse buttons)
For those not familiar > (facilitates easy management of need-to-see modules)
- hotkey for Shy on/off
- hotkeys for [Expand All Modules] and [Collapse All Modules] buttons
- enable module Reorder via click-dragging the header (broad-stroke movement, would benefit from a larger target)
- right-click module header for Settings context menu (e.g. "Gear" menu)
- double-click module header to expand/collapse it


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