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Default Hope I didn't come of like dumb!

I know the iPad is probably the coolest when you have one and you want to expand it's uses..

As a portable sequencing solution for people on the go it would be great for sure..

My lifestyle at present is pretty routed so I'm just in my mini studio almost too much, so when I'm out the last thing I want to do is look at another computer screen.. But for live perfomance, on a sturdy stand or something, if would be really sweet.

Good luck Jack getting your dream setup up and running..

I have looked at the Madrona Sound plane.. Hmmm I'm a long time pianist so I'm so satisfied with banging on the keys but incombination with the keys this could be really sweet.. What I'm afraid with these featureless type expanses is that fine, detailed control is extremely difficult to acheive.. It takes years to learn to play the violin in part because it's fretless and every intonation inaccuracy is painfully apparent.. So the featurless interfaces have to be smart, to second guess what you want your gestures to do.. Difficult and time consuming to program such things to the indivduals specific intentions.


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