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i play keys as well my korg z1 and virus ti are fantastic but i love running lots of sequences too with much knob twiddling and fx tweaking and i see the ipad as perhaps the best current interface or this
endless configurations for tailored to the user setups

liines cliip app for ableton live is really great but it does not have the immense capabilities that n3 has

white noise genome midi sequencer looks pretty good

for me i like the blending of live performance and the studio
long collective improv jams in the cosmic realms is my deal
i was born in the seventies and i guess i just stayed there

as far as the soundplane goes i would wait for the completion of morphwiz midi
eric persing asked jordan rudess to design it for use with omnisphere and i guess he said yes
it's a muti-channel midi continuum type app with various scales for the ipad
it should be quite nice for performing with things like independent pitch bending
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