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Originally Posted by PLaine View Post
Hi Jim!

A little more about my MIDI related problems which came up in somewhere in Mac OS / Numerology development:

It seems quite obvious that those MIDI timing / crashing problems does NOT occur if I use same projects ReWire mode in Logic. For example now I found out that one of my older Numerology songs started behave badly in some point of the song structure: in this case I hear hanging MIDI notes. Like others, same project can crash too. But if I use it with ReWire mode in Logic it seems to run flawlessly. Does this give any new hint what's the problem in standalone mode? In Logic MIDI sync is made with Logic's sync and its destinations. While being total novice I have a feeling that problem somehow related to MIDI sync. As I said earlier, nowadays Numerology project (when you hit "play") usually starts with MIDI mess, it's 1-3 seconds out of time and then it gets it right. This wasn't there earlier (year or two ago). And crashes are more frequent too.

Is there something I can do to help this out?

EDIT: Trying to edit or work with this old Numerology song almost every time makes standalone app to crash very soon. On the other hand, just playing it provokes crashes much less frequently. Fortunately I have this workaround at the moment: I can work with it in Logic with ReWire.
Email me a copy of the project -- I want to check the structure to see if the MIDI setup in the project causes a bottleneck somewhere. jim (at) five12 (dot) com.

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