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Originally Posted by m5tevens View Post
I picked one of these up in the last run they did. Mixed bag for me, too, for different reasons. I'm using this as part of a studio setup as an input to Ableton, the 'tracks' thing and the 'seq' problems aren't big issues for me. The main complaint I have is that the effects automation can only work with the effects in the same track as the automation, and subsequently, has to be the same length as the track, which rules out doing much with velocity other than randomizing it. It *really* needs LFO's. The way the Euclidean mode "takes over" the track when it's active makes it impossible to tweak automation and controllers while the track is actually playing.

But I really like sequencing with a hardware device, and since it's not a plugin, Ableton deals with multi-channel midi from it. The focus they've put on different time-division options is pretty great.

How did you find out about the anticipated change in OS 0.89? I'd be a lot more disappointed with this thing if it wasn't so clearly a work-in-progress.
The 64 tracks + 0 patterns thing is not a problem if you're okay with using an entire project to sequence one or two songs. And it might not be a problem for sequencing multiple songs, either, depending on the music you make and how you like to make it. For me, it entails that I can't load my Pyramid up with 8+ songs in a single project and retain a fluid performance over the patterns that comprise those songs (choosing to loop an 8 bar section n times, choosing to jump back to a 16 bar section that you already played).

I agree completely with you about the LFOs, the track lengths of automations (solvable if there were intertrack modulation), and the crippled Euclidean mode. And I also agree that its implementation of polyrhythms and polymetry is very nice and intuitive.

I found out about the plans for v0.89 on the Squarp forum, on the page of their suggest-a-feature section. They were so kind as to list the features on their roadmap for the next couple of minor versions.
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