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Originally Posted by CF3 View Post
I see a "gen" and "evo" on the panel scan..... Generate and Evolve?

Originally Posted by CF3 View Post
If so, will these be addressable via the mod1/mod2 CV ins?
I don't know yet -- if they are, there will be a few ms (1-3) delay in any output changes -- not noticeable in most cases (most envelopes can't fully open for at least 1 ms anyway), but it might be for some very timing sensitive patches. They *will* be targetable from the internal modulation sources...

I'm working to make sure that certain external triggers are as 'nearly instantaneous' as possible -- specifically run/stop, and reset (not on the front panel yet). And, of course, external clock.

Speaking of reset, I will probably change the trigger I/O from 4 jacks ("run in, clock in, run out, clock out") to 3 ("run, clock, reset") -- that are software configurable as inputs or outputs -- use them for sync and control (in our out), or something else. That allows for having a dedicate reset jack (when you need it), and helps make room for a USB A jack -- another big front panel change under consideration....

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