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Originally Posted by Logos Lover View Post
Is this the correct video to set it up?
Yes, that is a good reference...

Originally Posted by Logos Lover View Post
I only use hardware synths so i'm not sure what changes i'd need to make to the example shown in the video?
You only need to pay attention to the IAC bus setup, the sync setup in Numerology, and the sync setup in Logic. You can skip anything involving MIDI channels, the Logic Environment, etc. Most of the beginning of the video is sync setup, with the Logic sync setup a bit before half-way through.

You might also want to check the Appendix in the manual. There is a "how-to" on syncing Numerology to Logic via MTC -- MIDI Clock is the same, just with a different sync-type setting, and you can ignore the SMPTE format settings.

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