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Originally Posted by Logos Lover View Post
Numerology is controlling a hardware synth, and in Logic i record this synth to an audio track. But there is latency off the grid averaging 240 samples/ 5 ms, (which i can see in Logic's sample editor)
So how tdo I compensate for this 240 samples / 5ms latency, to get recorded audio as bang on to the grid as possible?
The most accurate, foolproof method is to do it after the fact, by manually shifting the audio. Logic also has track-based latency controls, but I do not know them very well.

I am adding a "clock offset" feature to Numerology 3.1 (SE & Pro), it allows you to run a track ahead or behind a bit (just like the latency adjustment in the Numerology AU). The setting can be made in milliseconds or # of audio buffers. If you have N3 Pro, you can use the ClockOffset module, but you have to determine the amount of 'run ahead' in fractions of a beat.

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