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Originally Posted by jim View Post
The most accurate, foolproof method is to do it after the fact, by manually shifting the audio. Logic also has track-based latency controls, but I do not know them very well.

I am adding a "clock offset" feature to Numerology 3.1 (SE & Pro), it allows you to run a track ahead or behind a bit (just like the latency adjustment in the Numerology AU). The setting can be made in milliseconds or # of audio buffers.
I like to run all my synths live, so the clock offset is something i'm really looking forward to with the 3.1 release.
BTW I could never get the AU to be accurate when controlling a hardware synth. Either too far ahead, so i'd adjust the "timing fine adjust", then it'd be too far behind the grid, adjust a little again, then back the other way. I spent ages trying to get it right, but never could. Sorry to say i just gave up on it altogether.
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