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Originally Posted by Logos Lover View Post
But when I use Numerology AU to control my already tested tight SQ80, and i record audio, checking it in the sample editor, its all over the place. Late by 500 samples (12ms) so i adjust the AU timing offset, by this amount. Try again, and then it's too early. Adjust and try again... still no luck. Just can not get it to be accurate at all.
If you want to pursue it further, just drop me an email (jim (at) five12 <dot> com), perhaps with some juggling of settings we can get it working better for you.

BTW: If you have not complained to Apple about the "AU MIDI Output not supported in Logic/Mainstage" issue, I highly recommend you do that now:
Once they fix that, all these latency and timing issues will go away....

"the squeaky wheel gets the oil"

Originally Posted by Logos Lover View Post
That's why i'm looking at syncing Logic to Numerology via IAC bus midi clock, or ReWire etc... whichever of these will provide the tightest timing.
As of 3.0.2, sync via MIDI provides the most accurate timing -- i.e. the least jitter between notes, but in both cases, you will see some latency (a delay in MIDI relative to the original source) due to MIDI transmission through the system. In N3 Pro, you can use the ClockOffset module to tweak latency, but as that module is tempo-based, it isn't very convenient to use on a regular basis.

In 3.1 the ReWire driver will have an option to use a more accurate scheduling algorithm (long story...), and there will be a new latency compensation option for the app both in standalone and ReWire modes.

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