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Default Global Lfo stack!

I've made a Global Lfo control stack in response to a post where the forum member Nil had a problem with lack of global control of Lfos..

You could just set it with a single fader box routed to eight lfos to achieve his goal. But he specifically mentioned have ratios as in one Lfo running at a base rate of speed and another Lfo running three times faster.

I thought for this functionality that a series of button boxes preprogrammed with the proper values for getting ratios could be the way to go..

I've set it up in the new version as of today october 17 2011 to have 6 values, no buttons on = 1 then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 From top to bottom. The bottom button box is for Base Unit's all off = Hertz button 1 on =1/16's button 2 on = beats button 3 on = bars. To move through the speed range you just use the Speed/Offset fader..

I post it here, use at own risk. No animals were harmed in the making of this stack. Except for the little grey ones in my skull.

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