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Default I post a project with 3

Hi I post a project now with three stacks showing some possible uses for the Lfo Units. Hope that you can find some uses out of it.

Funny that you had trouble uploading the individual stack Jue, try downloading the project instead. I just tried loading the numerology stack by clicking on it, then I got the same error message. So you can only import a stack into an open project. I also seem to remember that I could click on a stack and it would load into a new project. But the stack in the above post is now out of date as I've done some adjustments, Move all the control functions to the top of the stack.

This contains all necessary samples for playing. I generated some of the samples using Tassman, some are from royalty free drums on the net, and a few sine waves..

One stack controls the volumes between 5 samplers playing 2 or more bar sequences, One stack has sine waves faded out between one another. The Drums stack uses a Drumkit sampler which has two Lfo stacks routed to it for controlling pan, and Sequence end step..

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