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Originally Posted by Tommy Zai View Post
Jim, I have an i7 (after convincing my g/f to help me upgrade so she can have my dual. :-).

How would that change the way I work and the workflow options?

Well, if you're using N3 and Logic at the same time, then try to keep the most expensive synths in Logic. Also, here are a few general tips:

- Reboot before a big session. That ensures that nothing is sucking up all the CPU and/or memory without you knowing it. Web browsers are *especially* bad about this.

- Keep your boot and working hard drives (i.e. where tracks go) as empty as possible -- 50% is ideal. Once any hard drive is 50% full, the performance starts to drop significantly. Now it isn't like a drive that is 80% full isn't going to work, but it will be a touch less responsive than one at 50%.

- Follow the "mis en place" methodology: when you are planning a creative session, spend some time well before that session (a few hours to a day) making sure the main things you expect to need are setup -- but don't try to do too much. For each 'tech' session, pick 1 to 3 tasks and just do those.

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