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Originally Posted by blackdoors View Post
No problem, does this method work if it's relating to crashes of Cubase when arsing from the VST?
Yes -- OS X will generate a crash report that will indicate where in the code the crash happened.

Originally Posted by blackdoors View Post
Do Cubase crash logs help you too? (I am not clear that Cubase makes a crash log in these sudden crashes but would like to help if I can!)
Yes. -- Actually OS X makes the crash log and stores them in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports. The "report bug" feature in Numerology will search for any crash logs where Numerology was involved and upload them to the Five12 server. It is a bit easier for me to work with logs that are on the server as I have a script there to process them for easier analysis, but sending them via email is also handy in case the report tool misses them somehow. The email also serves as an extra reminder to look at them.

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