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Originally Posted by Tommy Zai View Post
Thanks for the reply. I downloaded some of the .nmod kit with accompanying sample from this thread. When I try to launch them it will not launch N3. When I try to import them I get an error message. I will try creating my own and see what happens. Do these files have to be in the location you listed above or can I create my own folder . . . let's say on the desktop?
I seem to recall those drumkit modules are from the olden days of Numerology 2. Don't work.

The files have to be in the location stated. Though if you want you could make an alias to the samples folder i believe, The .nmod file has to be in the location stated above though.

It works fine for me, and I'm sure you'll get the things to load for you as well.

The Drumkit is always 8 slots, there's no variabiilty. though it could be an idea, for me I don't mind the limitation.



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