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It seems like double work to have to load sample's you work with in Numerologies sampler into another sampler at another stage in the workflow. I'd just load them in a sampler that can be used both places to save time. But is there something in your workflow that would make so you could complete the track within Numerology and just end up with a "stem" mixdown to be opened as an audio track in Studio One?

UVI is free, and apparently the only free sampler that allows you to load your own samples, and the flex time is it's main attraction in this connection

Give it a try..

I use mostly synths so I'm not deeply into sample players, but I have the Maschine which if I'm going to work with sample one shots extensively I'll use that. If I'm going to use loops then at present the only sampler that I have that has Flex time is the UVI.

Hope this helps



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